Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

One cannot out exercise a bad diet.

Equally, you don't have to eat like a pro athlete to be healthy. We teach you how to make better choices and optimize for healthy weight loss, muscle gain or specific conditioning.

Personalized Training Plans

Everyone responds to exercising differently.

We work with you to understand what you respond to best, and continuously monitor and adjust so you continue to maximize the returns from each workout session.

Support & Motivation

Whether it is working up the strength to leave the house, help deciphering labels at the grocery store, manipulate menus at restaurants or do a few more reps, we're here to push you do more than you realize you are capable of.

Welcome to SETREP Personal Training

Whether you're trying to lose the first 50 lbs, the last 5, or you just want to get back at it after an injury, we can help.

Here's a few of the things we're really good at.

  • Personalized training plans

  • Progressive overload

  • Training with a friend

  • Training with injuries

  • *NEW* - Online personal training

  • Assisting with your journey through Cancer

  • Nutrition counselling

  • Healthy weight loss


Amy has been helping people get healthier for over 15 years, 12 of which operating SETREP.

  • 100's
  • Happy Clients
  • 1000's
  • Lost Pounds
  • Infinite
  • Memories


We offer a variety of services in fitness and nutrition. If you've seen or heard of something you don't see here, get in touch. We probably already know all about it.

How personal trainers help

Acheive your fitness goals faster, safer

We understand what works for you and ensure you get most of every minute you train.

Show up and start exercising. We plan your workouts for you

Removing the thought process out of it means you can just show up, exercise, and continue with your day.

Learn how to keep the results you got

Every diet works for a while. We make sure you're equipped with everything you need to keep gains, or losses, forever.

What Our Clients Say About SETREP

Start doing the things you never thought possible. We will teach you how.