SETREP is a personal training and nutrition studio offering programs to suit your needs, including, Sport Conditioning, Healthy Fat Loss, You CAN Through Cancer, Active Agers, Work That Home Gym and more. 2021 will mark 12 years since SETREP was founded by Amy Way, a certified and insured health & fitness professional with over 15 years of industry experience.

Below are some of her thoughts and guiding principles for operating SETREP.

“I feel some of my success comes from my passion to guide people through the maze of information on nutrition and exercise. I practice what I preach by never asking a client to do something I haven’t done myself. I am a stickler for posture and positioning to ensure clients get the safest, most effective workout. I train clients with the same principles and ethics both in-studio and online.

I have plenty of experience with pre and post natal exercise and nutrition. Being a mom of two very active boys myself, I completely understand the balancing act of life.  I welcome all new moms to bring baby along to their sessions. I can even teach you how to do some safe exercises with baby!

Along with having plenty of experience with rehabilitative clients, I promote injury prevention. I feel it is easier to prevent an injury than repair and recover from one.

“You CAN Through Cancer” is a program I have a deep connection with. Being a breast cancer survivor myself, I understand the added difficulty level to get up and get moving. I promote movement during and post treatments to help ease the discomfort of side effects.