Join us Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm for a workout based on sweating out wine calories! Sessions are located

Work That Home Gym

Anyone who didn’t purchase home gym equipment before Covid-19 in 2020, certainly did during our first lockdown. There is so

Active Agers

Fear of falling, causing lack of activity, creating sedentary lifestyles is a sequence of events that can age us faster

Low Impact, Zero Limits

Muscular or joint issues? Program modification is available for those requiring low or zero impact exercises. No one need feel

Bring Your Baby

No need to struggle to find a sitter, or have the added expense of paying a sitter. Bring your little

You CAN Through Cancer

Recovering from any cancer diagnosis is something only those that have experienced, can truly understand. I have experienced it, and

Sports Conditioning

Sport specific training plans, including plyometrics, agility, speed and endurance. Sports nutrition, hydration, meal timing and nutrient balancing.

Rehabilitation Consultations

Custom exercise plans and guidance designed to treat and prevent injury reoccurence.

Nutrition Analysis and Guidance

Learn how to eat better to achieve your fitness goals. Reading labels, food selection and choosing the right things at

One-on-One Training

Individually tailored training sessions that maximize returns, limit plateaus and prevent injuries. Training with a friend is also available.

Coming for a first session?

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