I’m the kind of woman that needs to be inspired to work out. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it, but having someone knowledgeable, fun and who knows how to get me to get the most out of my workout time is what gets me going. That’s why I started training with Amy Way, owner and operator of [SETREP].

Working out with Amy has made me more conscious of how I treat my body. As well I have incorporated a much healthier diet to help get me the results I need to maintain my weight and keep those unwanted inches off.

I recently got married and before the big day I let Amy know that I wanted to achieve the firmest, sexiest body possible for my wedding and honeymoon. After 3 months of consistent training and a low fat healthy diet, she helped me to achieve that goal. I will continue to work out with Amy because when I do, I know I am in good hands, she takes the time to tailor your workouts to your individual needs. Maintaining a professional attitude at all times and the know how to push you to achieve your best results is why I choose [SETREP] !!!